Welcome to The Gardens....

The Gardens RV Community is located in Crossville, Tennessee  USA. We welcome you to our website and invite you to take a look around our developing community.

Our community is a planned residential development chartered in the State of Tennessee.  It began in 1991 as a vision of our original developer, Mr. Jim Wilson, to provide a place where people with a common interest, namely RV'ing, could reside and be within short driving distance to literally hundreds of adventures.  Many are within a day's drive or less.  You can read more about our great community at our developer's website by clicking here....

Our owners and residents have assembled here in The Gardens from various locations around the country, from California to New York, from Michigan to Florida, and many points in between.  This gathering has infused our community with varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds that have been melded together in a common bond of community.

We are "Family!!" 

Gardens RV Village Homeowners Association Mission Statement

The Homeowners’ Association provides and maintains a governing body of concerned members who strive to keep our community a safe, friendly, and highly desirable place to live. As good stewards we work to protect and maintain our assets and property values and are responsive to members’ concerns. We carefully consider all issues that may affect the well-being of all members, their quality of life, and their property.

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